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Who I am

I have worked on a variety of software, web-development, and server projects.
My experiences include programming in C, Java, PHP, server and database setup including automated shell, PHP or mySQL query scripts. Server-wise I have worked on both Debian and CentOS distributions.
For my education, I am currently attending post-secondary for my BsC in software engineering.


Stuff I do

  • Photography

  • Visual Graphics

  • Programming

  • Server Management


Code Snippets

LC-3: A simplified assembly language with 15 commands.

Keyboard Status Register Example
Printing Numbers Example

C: The imperative procedural programming language designed by Dennis Ritchie.

Table Data Structure Example
Strings Example
Fibanacci Example

Ruby: The dynamic, reflective and object oriented programming language designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto.

Abstract List Example
Calculator Example

Java: The concurrent, class-based and object oriented programming language designed by James Gosling.

Calander Example
Lottery Example